Get the information you need

All too often we see business owners “in the dark” in terms of useable and timely financial information to support them in running their business. This is often because there is a gap between their bookkeeping and their annual accounts. 

The level to which your bookkeeper takes your records too may still not represent the full picture of your Company position at any given time. Presenting a Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet from accounting software once invoices have been posted and bank reconciliation is complete will not give you management accounts.  

Annual accounts are often prepared several months after the trading year has ended, are generally not in a user friendly format and often have tax planning adjustments outside of your trading position. Whilst the underlying content can provide valuable insight into performance, the timing, presentation and summary nature do not normally benefit operational decision making on an ongoing basis. 

Henkenex have worked in commercial environments, led finance teams, worked in accounts departments and been Finance Directors and Financial Controllers. As management accountants we know how good information increases control and informs decision making.  

We are here to bridge the gap, and provide you with the financial information you need to improve your business.